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Animal Mosaic is the largest online community of people working to protect animals around the world. We are present in all parts of the globe and come from diverse backgrounds. By coming together online we can harness our collective experience – and move the world to protect more animals than ever before. Join the community, download resources and keep up to date with the latest global developments in animal protection.

Latest News

Concerns for apes as palm oil industry expands into Africa

Topics: Wildlife

Concerns for the future of chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos mounts as the palm oil industry expansion plans in Africa overlap with ape habitat.

Will New Zealand Ban the Ivory Trade? Jane Goodall and Helen Clark Speak Out

Legislation: Wildlife

The African poaching crisis is at its worst levels ever, with an elephant killed every 15 minutes for its tusks, fuelled by an insatiable demand for ivory products.

Illegal wildlife trade along the Burma-China border - in pictures

Topics: Wildlife

The town of Mong-La in Burma's Shan state, close to the border with China, is at the crossroads of illegal wildlife trade routes that are sucking the forests, jungles and plains of India, Burma, Laos and Thailand dry of their native animals and plants – many of them endangered

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Latest Resources

Animals should not suffer, animals are sentient beings (Spanish)


This resource teaches children about animals as sentient beings and teaches respect for animals.

Adopting a dog (Spanish)


The resources available here develop content, reinforce values ​​and promote a commitment to students in first through sixth grade school following these issues for each school year

User Guide


A user guide to accompany and introduce the Concepts in Animal Welfare modules.

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