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Animal Mosaic is the largest online community of people working to protect animals around the world. We are present in all parts of the globe and come from diverse backgrounds. By coming together online we can harness our collective experience – and move the world to protect more animals than ever before. Join the community, download resources and keep up to date with the latest global developments in animal protection.

Latest News

Greater collaboration urged to wipe out rabies

Topics: Companion

An urgent call for more action to wipe out rabies has been issued to mark World Rabies Day on September 28th.

Saving animals from disaster

Topics: Companion, Farmed, Working

No matter where in the world disasters strike, the survival of animals can mean the difference between recovery and despair. More than one billion people depend directly on animals for food, jobs, income, transport, social status, cultural identification and financial security.

Animal welfare charity presents pig welfare awards to Chinese producers

Topics: Farmed

Leading international farm animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) Wednesday afternoon delivered the first pig welfare awards to eight Chinese producers in London, encouraging more Chinese producers to improve animal welfare.

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Latest Resources

Common Ground - Education for Sustainable Development and Animal Welfare


A complete teaching pack which allows teachers to include both animal welfare and sustainable development ideas within their existing teaching. The pack includes group work and discussion based activities.

Captive Exotic Birds: A Brief Introduction

Topics: Shelter Management, Companion, Captivity, Wildlife

While almost a third of the world's 330 parrot species are threatened with extinction due to pressures from collecting for the pet trade, combined with habitat loss, many of these same species end up at the doorsteps of animal sheltering facilities throughout the United States.

Common Physical Abnormalties of Captive Birds

Topics: Shelter Management, Companion, Captivity, Wildlife

Birds often arrive in sheltering facilities with physical or behavioral conditions that require remedy but are not necessarily signs that a bird is diseased or ill or has a life-threatening condition.

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